2016 Camaro SS Baseline Dyno Data!

2016 Camaro SS Baseline Dyno Data!

Our Camaro arrived late on Friday last week. As soon as it rolled off the truck, a swarm of employees surrounded the car, taking turns sitting in the seats, inspecting under the hood, snapping pictures, and wiping slobber from their chins. Alright, maybe not that last one. New development vehicles arrive here pretty frequently, but this one definitely attracted some attention. Being late in the day, we were left with the weekend to ponder and daydream about our turn at taking it for a spin. Before we left for the weekend, our team picked straws to see who would have the privilege of driving it first. One lucky team member took the car home for some break-in driving and splashed some water on the paint to clean it up from a long journey to our facility.

This morning, we slapped on our official "Development" banner and started working out our schedule for development as well as plans for coverage on reviewing this brand new model. Check out a Full gallery of images from the front, back, side, inside, outside, and every other angle I thought you guys would enjoy. If you would like an additional shot of something specific, feel free to let us know!

We are very excited about the SS, the exhaust note is quite intoxicating and so far our short test drives have the team very impressed.

The first thing we want to do before pulling this car apart is get some baseline dyno data. Yep, this means we get to make some loud noises. Check it out!

And, the plot!

Camaro Plot

Nice looking plot! Peak torque numbers were achieved in the mid-range from 4,000-5,000 rpm. Peak horsepower measured 414 whp and was attained at around 5,750 rpm. Pretty impressive numbers for a bone-stock vehicle.

Coming Up: Video Review Part 1

Our next video will feature a look at some of the interesting features on the new SS. We will also provide some general information and opinions from our first few days of ownership!

Thanks for reading!