Cooled to Perfection – 2021+ BMW G8X M3/M4 Performance Heat Exchanger R&D, Part 2 – Prototyping

Practice makes perfect. It’s cliché, but it’s true. Not many people can just pick up a pair of drumsticks and blow us away with complex Herta drum fills combined with immaculate rhythm. It takes years of honing the technique and drilling rudiments to get to that level. When it comes to the M3, BMW has been practicing its sticking techniques for decades locking in a groove of setting the benchmark for performance sedans, with the S58-powered G8X platform being no exception. These M’s are packed with plenty of natural talent, but even that requires … Continue Reading ››

Refined Rally – 2022+ Subaru WRX Introduction

Subaru’s WRX and rally racing have long been synonymous with each other. Ever since Colin MacRae’s iconic blue and gold GC8 dominated the dirt through the early ’90s, enthusiasts worldwide sought out their own rally car for the road. Subaru fulfilled this desire for dirt-ready road warriors for four generations and plenty of re-stylings, injecting their rally racing heritage into each generation. As the WRX saw…

Going with the Flow: SuperFlow Dynamics SF-1020 – Flow Bench Equipment Profile

Performance is always on the enthusiast’s mind. So, if you find us deep in thought behind the wheel, we’re usually pondering what parts or tweaks will squeeze out another few drops of power. We here at Mishimoto have the same thoughts and are on a mission to achieve that performance potential. Since most modern vehicles, even the performance-oriented models, are left breathing through straws thanks to stringent standards and regulations, reducing restrictions in the intake and intercooler systems is one of the quickest routes to adding some pep to any engine’s step.

Improving your vehicle’s … Continue Reading ››

Back from Pasture – 2021+ Ford Bronco 2.7L Baffled Oil Catch Can R&D, Part 4 – Full System Production Sample

Advances in technology worked wonders for the internal combustion engine. With every new vehicle launched, there's a list of advancements to these controlled-explosion contraptions to harness maximum power and efficiency while keeping emissions in check. It's no secret that Ford doused their reinvented Bronco in these same innovations, but even this new-school hardware still falls victim to old-school by-products, like blow-by.

No matter the installed innovations, blow-by still remains the age-old nemesis of any engine's top-end components. The mix of fuel and oil vapors galvanize into stubborn carbon buildup, robbing the 2.7L of the power … Continue Reading ››

Executive Action – BMW F1X/F9X M5/M6 Performance Oil Cooler R&D, Part 2 – Production Sample

The executive level is cut-throat. It’s always portrayed as a world full of like-minded, power-hungry individuals desperately looking to get ahead of their fellow man. Every achievement is paraded as a victory over others, and everyone has a weakness that’s exploited. While this might be more of Hollywood's representation of the corporate world’s upper crust, the performance executive segment is that competitive. Auto manufacturers have been duking it out for decades to climb the ladder of the segment that BMW practically invented with the M5. Now in its sixth generation, the progenitor of physics-defying luxury sports cars has … Continue Reading ››

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