Volkswagen GTI Intake 2015+

  1. The Final Product - MK7 GTI Induction, Part 4

    The Final Product - MK7 GTI Induction, Part 4

    Great news from the Mishimoto garage! We have tested and fitted the final iteration of our airbox design for this prototype MK7 intake. We made some minor adjustments for fitment and ease of installation, but more on that later. This has been an interesting project from the start because of the uniqueness of this box design - check it out!

    Final Intake System

    Once this prototype system was ready to go, we prepared it for final fitting into the MK7. The next step is paint! The final products will be powder coated, with the intake pipe color options ranging from wrinkle black/red powdercoat or chrome polish. So the painted parts below are just for visualization purposes.

    Prototype MK7 parts drying from paint

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  2. Dyno Testing Results - MK7 GTI Induction, Part 3

    Dyno Testing Results - MK7 GTI Induction, Part 3

    The time has come to test our prototype design for the MK7 intake. After weeks of designing and fabrication, the prototype for this VW is now ready to hit our Dynapack dynamometer so we can collect some data.

    Testing these prototype MK7 GTI parts for overall power output gains over stock is important, so that's the first thing we needed to figure out. The larger diameter piping compared to the stock system provides increased airflow that will have a direct impact on improving power output. This car did happen to come with an aftermarket stage 1 tune on it, so we tested our intake with that software upgrade.

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  3. Box and Pipe Fabrication - MK7 GTI Induction, Part 2

    Box and Pipe Fabrication - MK7 GTI Induction, Part 2

    The prototype for our MK7 GTI intake system will be unique. While designing the airbox, we needed to accommodate the factory mounting points, the battery cable routing, proper filter placement inside the box, and the stock fresh-air inlet scoop. Let's take a look at the gradual progression to a fully functioning prototype!

    We gathered some piping in our garage and tack-welded together an intake tube route. We then sorted through our air filters to locate an appropriate air filter that would fit within the constraints of the airbox we had in mind. The filter will be placed right next to the fresh-air inlet, optimizing the amount of fresh air that will pass through the pipe.

    The Piping

    MK7 GTI intake prototype
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  4. The Stock Intake - MK7 GTI Induction, Part 1

    The Stock Intake - MK7 GTI Induction, Part 1

    We've got hot hatch fever! One of the newest vehicles to grace our garage, which happens to be our 3rd hatch for intake development, is the new 2015 VW GTI. Although Volkswagen was far from the first company with a hot hatch in its lineup, it was one of the first companies to really push the popularity of the design. VW is synonymous with the term "hot hatch" to most automotive enthusiasts. With the emergence of VW's newest GTI, it's time for us at Mishimoto to design our own intake for this turbocharged 2.0L engine.

    GTI arriving at the shop!


    Newer GTIs can either come with or without a Secondary Air Injection (SAI) pipe. Basically, this is a system that forces more air into the exhaust during

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