Daditude - Performance Air Intake R&D, Part 4 - Dyno Results

Daditude - Performance Air Intake R&D, Part 4 - Dyno Results

A makeover is typically more about appearances. However, what's the use of all those cool new clothes, and the dramatic spin in the barbershop chair, if the subject in question is going around with the same dull attitude? It might be better if the general demeaner can meet and compliment the modern new look. The case is the same as with the 2.0T Accord. It recently received a fresh new look, with plenty of new gadgets, but was still a little too much on the comfortable side for some. This is supposed to be the bad boy of the Accord line, and we wanted to tease that out of the K20C4.

In our last post we left you off with the fresh new production sample, ready to go through the ringer on the dyno. However, as we started testing, we found that there was still room to improve, specifically when it comes to the flow of our intake. The tight tolerances of our build envelope meant that our engineer was not seeing the desired results when the testing began, which is not a good look for a performance intake. Naturally, the next course of action was to cut a hole in the box, leaving us with a new window on the final design. Aside from the stylish new porthole, the opening meant a 50% increase in flow over the stock intake design.

Strapping our 2.0T Accord donor vehicle into the Dynapacks is where we see the fruits of our labor. We do monitor the fuel trims to ensure that our adjustments to the MAF housings don't set off any check engine lights, and so far, so good. The next step is to gauge just how much of an attitude adjustment this intake kit adds to the Accord.

Once we started up the dyno testing, we were on our way to determining just how much attitude we were able to inject into the Accord. Through our series of power pulls on the Dynapack system, we recorded max power gains of 15.6 whp and 12.9 wtq all while maintaining a safe air to fuel ratio on the stock tuning. We expect even more power gains with aftermarket ECU maps or tunes in the mix.

They always say that it's what's on the inside that counts, and I supposed you could say that's correct. However, it's even better if what's on the inside can live up to expectations of what's on the outside. With the added power and less restricted turbo sounds, our intake will surely assist with bringing out the wild side of the domesticated K20 variant. Make sure you give your 10th generation Accord an attitude adjustment today.

2018+ Honda Accord 2.0T Performance Air Intake

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