Flex-Free Cornering. Fiesta ST Trunk Brace R&D, Part 4: Testing Data

Flex-Free Cornering. Fiesta ST Trunk Brace R&D, Part 4: Testing Data

The testing of our Fiesta ST rear strut brace involved three different driving conditions.

Cornering: 30-40 mph, slalom

Braking: 50-0 mph, stop with ABS engaged

Acceleration: 0-60 mph, full-throttle run

Each setup (with and without brace) was tested on the same day on an identical surface and with the same driver. The tests are repeatable and will provide an accurate comparison of rigidity in the rear body portion of our Fiesta.


Check out the plot below to see our testing results.

Fiesta ST performance results
Fiesta ST performance results

These data points confirm our theory that the addition of bracing in this area of the ST does indeed have an impact on flex. Although flex in these conditions was not excessive, we did see a bit of movement.

Once the trunk brace was bolted into place, the results were very impressive; the brace reduced overall movement substantially. The acceleration and braking test saw less overall movement compared to our handling test. Movement during the acceleration and braking conditions noted above was limited to just 0.01mm with our trunk brace in place. For cornering, the stock vehicle saw nearly 0.25 mm of movement when in the slalom. We reduced this to 0.05mm with our brace in place.

Great results from a great looking product!

Coming Up - Discounted Pre-Sale

Now that we have a finalized product and positive testing results, we are prepared to begin constructing our first batch. We will be launching a discounted pre-sale for folks interested in picking up one of our first units.

Feel free to follow up with any questions regarding our Fiesta ST rear strut brace or any of our other Fiesta ST performance parts.

Thanks for reading!