Performance Radiator for the 2023+ Nissan Z

Performance Radiator for the 2023+ Nissan Z

We’ve been hard at work to develop our line of products for the Nissan Z, and we’re proud to release our latest addition to the line-up—the Mishimoto Performance Radiator for the 2023+ Nissan Z.

Designed to be a direct fit for the 2023+ Nissan Z and offer serious improvements over stock, our radiator boasts some impressive statistics. Our engineers were successful in designing a radiator that features a 51% larger core for improved cooling capacity, a 70% increase in tube area for more effective heat transfer, and a 48% thicker core to maximize cooling efficiency. On top of that, the included foam seals the radiator to the fan shroud to ensure optimal airflow.

While performance is always a goal for our engineers, they know that durability is just as important. The stock radiator for the Nissan Z uses plastic end tanks, which are prone to leaking and can crack in extreme temperatures or during aggressive driving. That’s why we’ve designed our radiator with an all-aluminum construction to prevent cracks and leaks. We’ve implemented a strutted tube design, which offers increased rigidity that’s able to absorb more stress and flex without breaking or leaking, the ability to handle higher pressures, and a 20% increase in leading edge thickness – the area where most radiator tubes fail. Our radiator is also designed to retain the stock stone guard, keeping pesky gravel and debris from damaging the fins.

The direct-fit design of our radiator ensures a straightforward installation with no cutting or modifications required. When it comes time to do a coolant flush on your Z, our radiator features an extended drain similar to the stock design to prevent coolant from draining onto the metal bar below it, and we’re using an M12x1.5 drain plug for easy use.


Whether your Nissan Z is your daily driver, a weekend toy, or a dedicated track car, it’s important to keep it running cool. For dependable performance and longevity that comes backed by Mishimoto’s Lifetime Warranty, order your Performance Aluminum Radiator for the 2023+ Nissan Z today.