Armor Up – Engine Skid Plate for the 2023+ Nissan Z

Armor Up – Engine Skid Plate for the 2023+ Nissan Z

When it hit the market in late 2022, the new Nissan Z turned heads. Released as a replacement for the Nissan 370Z, the 2023 Z featured a fresh, sleek new design with a 400 horsepower engine that could do 0-60mph in 4.3 seconds. The only problem? Due to international chip shortages and production bottlenecks, they were almost impossible to find.

Buyers who got their hands on a new Nissan Z count themselves among a lucky few. While the Z is a vehicle meant to be driven fast and hard, it’s understandable that owners might be hesitant to risk damaging a car that they worked so hard to get—especially since the new Nissan Z comes with a plastic oil pan.

To lessen these concerns, we set out to develop a layer of protection that would give Z owners the confidence to drive aggressively. The result of these efforts is the new direct-fit Engine Skid Plate for the 2023+ Nissan Z.

Figure 1. A rendering of our skid plate.

From the factory, the Nissan Z doesn't come with an engine skid plate, also known as a bash plate. Instead, Nissan uses a plastic splash shield that mostly exists to protect the engine bay from the elements and light debris. With the stock setup, anything from bottoming out too hard during track day to hitting a pothole could result in a cracked oil pan and require an engine splash shield replacement.

Figure 2. The stock splash shield.

To properly protect the underside of the engine bay and the plastic oil pan, Mishimoto engineers knew that our skid plate had to be made from metal. Our engineers wanted to choose a metal that offered robust protection without weighing down the car. To get the best of both, they decided to use 3mm thick aluminum to create the skid plate.

We produced an aluminum skid plate sturdy enough for the most demanding track days while weighing in at only 10 lbs. By remaining lightweight and low-profile, the skid plate offers protection without sacrificing handling or lap times. We finished the aluminum with a black wrinkle powder coat to offer sharp styling and resistance against corrosion.

Figure 3. The gated vent.

Next, we had to ensure our skid plate allowed enough airflow to the oil cooler. After designing and incorporating a gated vent in the front of the skid plate, we tested both the stock splash shield and our skid plate. The results showed that our skid plate retained the same level of airflow as the stock engine splash shield, meaning additional protection does not come at the cost of performance.

Unlike the stock shroud, our skid plate doesn't need to be removed for oil changes. To ensure easy access for routine maintenance, our engineers designed an access panel that’s simple to remove and reinstall.

Figure 4. The oil service panel to ensure easy access.

Featuring a durable yet lightweight construction, a direct-fit installation process, and an easily accessible oil service panel, the Mishimoto Engine Skid Plate for the 2023+ Nissan Z is the ideal way to protect your Z without headaches or performance losses. Finally, you can leave those worries behind and drive your Nissan Z as it was meant to be driven.