Wild Breath - 2021+ Ford Bronco 2.7L Performance Air Intake, Part 8 - 2.7L Testing Results

Wild Breath - 2021+ Ford Bronco 2.7L Performance Air Intake, Part 8 - 2.7L Testing Results

Navigating the engine bay of the 2.7L powered Bronco was quite an arduous journey. The maze of hardlines, pipes, and fluid hoses added a degree of difficulty to our journey, but we were still able to find the hidden treasure buried under the dense labyrinth of stock components - more power. The success of this expedition was explicitly tied to our fresh new intake design that's now found a home in the 2.7L EcoBoost jungle and is contributing to its thriving ecosystem.

To find out just how much this kit is contributing, we started on our flow bench. The SuperFlow SF1020 is equipped with an array of air pumps and precise air metering equipment that provides our engineering team with an instant calculation of the airflow restriction between the stock system and our new design. If you want to dig deeper into our flow bench system and testing methods, make sure you head over to our in-depth tech article - Flow Bench Equipment Profile.

The first prong of our intake's enhancements comes from airflow. This kit utilizes both an enlarged airbox with a performance oiled or dry filter that gives the turbo twins some more breathing room. Additionally, our engineer, Ye, opened up the Bronco's air passages by increasing the inlet tube's cross-sectional area by 20%, allowing for an increased volume of air to pass through the system. The result of these updates is a restriction reduction of 39.6% over the stock system.

How do these deeper breaths affect the overall performance of the Bronco, though? We're glad you asked! While these Broncos are managed with a speed density tune, coaxing out additional power gains with OEM programming is challenging. The basic operation of these tunes typically compensates for the additional airflow and will typically maintain power figures. However, in this case, we didn't have typical results. Given our spacial and tuning restrictions, we still added 7.5HP and 7.4TQ to the 2.7L's powerband on the stock tuning.

While the 2.7L EcoBoost is already a powerhouse, we enthusiasts always demand more. Topping 415HP isn't enough, so we're always searching for every additional horsepower we can find. After our time spent searching through the Bronco, we'd suggest starting with breathing techniques. Make sure to upgrade your 2.7L Bronco's lung capacity today!

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