Cozy Turbo - Direct Fit Automotive Turbo Blankets

Cozy Turbo - Direct Fit Automotive Turbo Blankets

The turbocharger is a source of unadulterated automotive bliss. This little compressor injects character into any engine by way of added ponies while making all the right sounds. The biggest downside, however, is the heat that they produce. You're in luck, though, since managing heat is the name of the game here at Mishimoto. 

For those who don't know or need a refresher, exhaust heat is the primary fuel source for a turbocharger. Specifically, the turbocharger uses hot exhaust gasses to spin the turbine wheel and force more air into the engine. The side effect of this process is that the turbine housing heat soaks and therefore radiates heat through the engine bay, especially after heavy use. Depending on your turbo, or engine layout, this glowing hunk of hot metal could start transferring that heat into your intake or cooling system.  

The Achilles heel of the FK8 Honda Civic Type R is the turbo placement. The forward-facing exhaust outlet places the turbo right next to the radiator. The turbo then bleeds heat into the already overworked cooling system during low-speed driving and at idle

One of the most straightforward additions you can make to keep your engine bay temperatures down is tucking your turbo in with a turbo blanket. Our blankets use a tag team of compounds for maximum insulation. To start, we combined titanium and volcanic rock for a tough and heat-resistant outer shell with a silica and stainless-steel inner liner capable of withstanding temperatures upwards of 2300°F. This protective barrier not only keeps heat from seeping into other systems but also contains the heat to help your turbo run more efficiently. 

Our line of universal turbo blankets fits most needs for custom jobs, but for OEM turbo setups, the selection can get a little complicated. Turbos come in all shapes and sizes, so we expanded our turbo blanket line for select direct-fit applications. Our development process can be highlighted with our dive into additional heat shielding for the A90 Supra. 

The peculiar shape of the Supra's turbo setup meant that we needed to create a prototype to lock in our direct fitment. 
Our lead fabricator, Mike, uses high-density foam to replicate the heat-resistant materials' consistency while crafting our fitment prototype. 
Our prototyping paid off, and our production kit fits like a glove 

Turbochargers are an excellent addition to the automotive world and are adored by most. They make otherwise dull and anemic engines and literally breathe life into them. However, the heat they generate can be detrimental to your vehicle's overall performance. Luckily, we here at Mishimoto have you covered, literally. Make sure you check out our latest lineup of direct-fit turbo blanket options.

Mishimoto Direct Fit Turbo Blankets 

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