Still a Class Act - Direct Fit Catch Can R&D, Part 2 - Production Sample and Test Results

Still a Class Act - Direct Fit Catch Can R&D, Part 2 - Production Sample and Test Results

Physical health is key for any athlete's performance. The same applies to anything mechanical, such as the Audi B9. Just as our bodies have defenses against sickness, the B9 S4 and S5 came equipped with a robust system to mitigate the effects of blow-by. However, as we went over in our last post, this separator might need some backup.

When we last left off, our in-house fabricated prototype made its way onto our donor S5 and was ready for our standard 1000-mile road test. This test provides us with a benchmark on the rate of blow-by collection while also being the final check against any dreaded check engine lights.

While our kit was on its inaugural test run, Jason worked on the final touches to make sure this system looked right at home under the hood of the B9. Thanks to our in-house fabrication abilities there wasn't that much on the to-do list.

For starters, this is a complex system with the PCV lines tying back into the intake system in multiple locations and the inclusion of two check valves. To make sure that there's a secure connection through the kit, the worm gear clamps on the prototype were swapped out for permanent hose clamps.

We also made sure to install the factory quick-disconnect fittings on the lines for a simple installation that will prevent you from having to tear apart the factory lines to equip this kit on your Audi. Our final touch is the inclusion of our petcock drain kit on this system. The cramped engine bay does mean that getting a grip on the bottom of the catch can is a challenge. However, all that blow-by can be drained literally with the flick of a switch from under the car.

Once our donor vehicle returned to the Mishi R&D facility, we found an additional hidden benefit to our drain kit. Initially, when we removed the bottom of the catch can, it appeared that the factory AOS system was actually up to snuff. However, the story changed once we opened the drain port, and about 40 ml of blow-by milkshake flowed out from the can.

From the color and consistency of our initial collection, we could determine that it wasn't just oil that was making its way back to the intake. We let it sit and separate for a better look.

What we found was an almost even split of engine oil and a fuel and condensation mix with about 2 ml of thick emulsion between the two. We measured approximately 18 ml of oil and 17 ml of the contaminated condensation in our 1000-mile test sample. Even separated you wouldn't want any of these ingredients spattering the intake valves of your Audi.

Just like our bodies evolve, the auto industry has developed measures against the common issue of congestion. Peak performance means being able to breath properly, and the catch can is the perfect remedy for that ailment. Our kit is available now, so make sure to get yours today.

2018+ B9 Audi S4/S5 Direct Fit Catch Can Kit, PCV Side

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