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Japanese Performance
January 2013 2013-01-02 00:00:00 Japanese Performance
February?s Japanese Performance brings us an AWESOME spread on pages 60-64 of Mishimoto?s Evo X show car, built for SEMA and outfitted with the finest products on the market. Featuring our Lancer Evolution X Performance Aluminum Radiator , M-Line Performance Intercooler, Lancer Evolution X Silicone Radiator Hose Kit, Universal Transmission Cooler Kit, Carbon Fiber Oil Catch Can, 1.3 Bar High Pressure Radiator Cap, and12? Slim Electric Fan, this Evo?s engine bay stays as cool as a February day. Rounded off with top-quality parts from companies like Project Mu, AMS, and Chargespeed, this build is a tuner?s dream.
Also check out pages 79-81 for expert advice on keeping your engine cool (with high-perfomance products like our Liquid Chill), and our intercooler kit on page 30, brought to you by Auto Extreme retailers.
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