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Girls 'N Garages
January 2015 2015-01-09 00:00:00 Girls 'N Garages
In September's issue of Girls N' Garages Magazine, Mishimoto's Chevrolet/GM 3100 Series Truck X-Line Radiator earns it's very own feature! This GM 3100 Series radiator is a part of our new classic car parts performance cooling line, and on page 19 you can read all about the install and performance of our GM 3100 series parts. Want to know why the radiator in your car is so important? Well, turn to page 21 to find out! Our 3-row GM 3100 series radiator hits the spotlight again as the girls show us the importance of keeping your classic cool! Don't forget, this radiator comes with our lifetime warranty, just like the rest of our GM 3100 series parts. Lastly, make sure to check out the last page to see Mishimoto's very own Rachel Turtz! Rachel and her hot pink 240SX can be found in the previous issue of Girls N' Garages.
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