2017-08-23 09:45:34

Do It Yourself: How-To Wire a Fan

Tired of the pesky stock clutch fan? Want to free up some repressed horsepower and engine bay space with an overall cleaner look? Mishimoto has the solution! With either a Mishimoto Slim Electric Fan or a Race Line, High-Flow Fan combined with an optional Mishimoto Adjustable Fan Controller Kit, you’re guaranteed higher CFM, maximum cooling power, and a sleek look!

Worried about how to install and complete your new fan setup? No problem! The experts at Mishimoto have created this instructional "How-To Wire A Fan" Do-It-Yourself video guide to help you every step of the way. Make sure to check out some of other Do-It-Yourself videos to keep your ride out of the shop and out on the track.