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Keep your 2019+ BMW M340i (G20)/Z4 (G29) 3.0L shifting with the Mishimoto Automatic Transmission cooler. While many enthusiasts might miss the third pedal on the latest Supra's floor, the quick-thinking ZF 8HP mated with the B58 more than makes up for it. However, even with the latest transmission technology, the age-old enemy to sports cars rears its head: heat.
The tag team at Toyota and BMW were already ahead of the game by fitting the 2019+ BMW M340i /Z4 with an external liquid-to-air transmission cooler, but heavy demand can still be too much. With plenty of room to grow, our engineering team expanded the transmission cooler's core, increasing the volume by 162% and the external fin surface area by 412% while retaining similar fluid pressures within the system. We also incorporated internal cooling fins to maximize cooling power to maintain proper transmission temperatures, perfect for long days at the track or a spirited drive through the backroads.
The Mishimoto Automatic Transmission Cooler for your 2019+ BMW M340i (G20)/Z4 (G29) 3.0L accomplishes all of this with a lightweight, aluminum tube-and-fin core, powder-coated in a sleek silver finish. As with all of our products, this transmission cooler also includes the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty for a worry-free installation.

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Transmission Cooler--Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
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Overall Height (in)7.1
Overall Length (in)26
Overall Width (in)1.4
Applications2020+ BMW M340i 3.0L--2019+ BMW Z4 3.0L