Name: Christina Skorochod

Location: Howell, New Jersey

FaceBook: URAddictionNJ

Instagram: @Csko84

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Blonde

What got you into modeling?

My aunt enrolled me into Barbizon modeling school when I was 14 and Ive been at it ever since!

How much time do you use when prepping for a shoot?

An hour for hair and makeup, and about an hour just packing outfits, shoes, and jewelry! Unpacking from a shoot is the worst part!

Do you have any “good luck” charms that you bring to the set?

No good luck charms but a few glasses of wine always helps! :)

Who’s your favorite photographer to work with?

Andrew Link!

What’s your dream car?

Candy apple red Range Rover... although since I doubt gas prices will ever go down, it will have to stay a dream car!

Do you participate in any sports or other activities that keep you in shape?

I played soccer, basketball, and field hockey from age 5 through 16. But now I just work out in the gym.

What’s your favorite late-night snack?

Chocolate snack packs!

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Ahhh I have so many haha. When a car pulls out right in front of me and goes slow, when there's no one behind me!

What’s your favorite kind of music?

I'm a hip-hop girl.

If you were trapped on a desert island with only one movie and one CD, what would they be?

Movie - Due Date, CD - 50 Cent "Get Rich or Die Trying".

Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?

Adam Levine without question. I'm not surprised in the least that he won Sexiest Man Alive!

What one thing can you never leave your house without?

My cell phone... like most people its attached to my hand, haha!

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Cat person! So low maintenance!

What’s your favorite free-time activity?

Teaching myself new meals to cook! Or hanging out on the beach at night in the summer.


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