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  • Direct fit for 1994–2000 Chevrolet/GMC vehicles equipped with the 6.5L Detroit Diesel
  • Full aluminium design with durable TIG-welded end tanks
  • Features a two-row, 2.20" thick brazed aluminium core which provides efficient fluid temperature regulation
  • Perfect for use under stressful driving conditions such as towing and hauling
  • Includes Magnetic Drain
  • Includes Magnetic Drain Plug to capture any metallic debris/fragments in your cooling system
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty


Mishimoto has developed a line of Duramax performance parts to maximize your cooling efficiency, including a performance aluminium radiator for the 1994–2000 Chevrolet/GMC 6.5L turbo diesel engine. The Mishimoto performance aluminium radiator for the GM 6.5L is the ideal upgrade for the factory radiator. It was designed and engineered to maximize cooling efficiency, boost engine functions, and protect your truck from overheating. Whether you use your truck for daily driving or as a powerhouse for hauling and towing, you don't want to overlook the importance of installing an upgraded radiator for your engine. The Mishimoto 6.5L diesel radiator features a lightweight two-row core made of 100% brazed aluminium, and it features TIG-welded end tanks for increased strength and durability. Every Mishimoto performance radiator is a direct factory fit, making installation effortless with no cutting or modification required. Pair this radiator with the Mishimoto Duramax Radiator Hose for the ultimate cooling solution. As with all Duramax performance parts, this aluminium radiator is protected by the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.

Purchase Includes

Mishimoto Radiator
Transmission Adapters (2)
Magnetic Drain Plug
Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty


Transmission Adapters Size:
1/2-inch-20 Female Thread by 5/8-inch-18 Male Thread
More Information
Overall Height (in)40.6
Overall Length (in)21
Overall Width (in)4.6
Core Length (in)34.02
Core Height (in)19.61
Fluid Capacity (gal)6.63
Inlet (in)1.77
Outlet (in)1.77
Core Thickness (in)2.2
Drain Plug Thread SizeM12 x 1.5
1994 Blazer Base
1994 Blazer Silverado
1994 Blazer Silverado Sport
1994-1997 C1500 Base
1994-1998 C1500 Cheyenne
1994-1998 C1500 Silverado
1995-1999 C1500 Suburban Base
1995-1999 C1500 Suburban LS
1995-1997 C1500 Suburban LT
1994-1998 C1500 WT
1994-2000 C2500 Base
1994-1998 C2500 Cheyenne
1999-2000 C2500 LS
1994-1998 C2500 Silverado
1994-1999 C2500 Suburban Base
1995-1999 C2500 Suburban LS
1996-1997 C2500 Suburban LT
1994 C2500 Suburban Silverado
1994-1998 C2500 WT
1994-1997 C3500 Base
1999-2000 C3500 Base
1994-1998 C3500 Cheyenne
2001-2002 C3500 HD
1999-2000 C3500 LS
1994-1998 C3500 Silverado
1994-1997 K1500 Base
1994-1998 K1500 Cheyenne
1994-1998 K1500 Silverado
1995-1999 K1500 Suburban Base
1995-1999 K1500 Suburban LS
1995-1997 K1500 Suburban LT
1994-1998 K1500 WT
1994-1997 K2500 Base
1999-2000 K2500 Base
1994-1998 K2500 Cheyenne
1999-2000 K2500 LS
1994-1998 K2500 Silverado
1994-1999 K2500 Suburban Base
1995-1999 K2500 Suburban LS
1995-1997 K2500 Suburban LT
1994 K2500 Suburban Silverado
1994-1998 K2500 WT
1994-1997 K3500 Base
1999-2000 K3500 Base
1994-1998 K3500 Cheyenne
1999-2000 K3500 LS
1994-1998 K3500 Silverado
1995-1999 Tahoe Base
1995-1999 Tahoe LS
1995-1999 Tahoe LT

1997 C1500 Sierra GT
1994-1997 C1500 Sierra SL
1994-1997 C1500 Sierra SLE
1994-1997 C1500 Sierra SLT
1994-1997 C1500 Sierra Special
1995-1999 C1500 Suburban Base
1995-1999 C1500 Suburban SLE
1995-1999 C1500 Suburban SLT
1994-2000 C2500 Sierra SL
1994-2000 C2500 Sierra SLE
1994-2000 C2500 Sierra SLT
1994-1999 C2500 Suburban Base
1994-1999 C2500 Suburban SLE
1995-1999 C2500 Suburban SLT
2001-2002 C3500 HD
1994-2000 C3500 Sierra SL
1994-2000 C3500 Sierra SLE
1994-2000 C3500 Sierra SLT
1994-1998 K1500 Sierra SL
1994-1998 K1500 Sierra SLE
1995 K1500 Sierra SLS
1994-1998 K1500 Sierra SLT
1994-1998 K1500 Sierra Special
1995-1999 K1500 Suburban Base
1995-1999 K1500 Suburban SLE
1995-1999 K1500 Suburban SLT
1994-2000 K2500 Sierra SL
1994-2000 K2500 Sierra SLE
1994-2000 K2500 Sierra SLT
1994-1999 K2500 Suburban Base
1994-1999 K2500 Suburban SLE
1995-1999 K2500 Suburban SLT
1994-2000 K3500 Sierra SL
1994-2000 K3500 Sierra SLE
1994-2000 K3500 Sierra SLT
1994-1995 Yukon Base
1996-1997 Yukon SL
1994-1997 Yukon SLE
1995-1997 Yukon SLT
1994 Yukon Sport
Engine Codes6.5L Turbo Diesel V8
Chassis CodesGMT400
NoteTransmission Adapters Size:
1/2-inch-20 Female Thread by 5/8-inch-18 Male Thread
Coolant Capacity6.63
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